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Women who mean business - Happy International Women’s Day

Women who mean business - Happy International Women’s Day The number of women in self-employment is increasing and Ealing has some growing vibrant networks of women in business and women starting out in business. According to the Women’s Budget Group 2016, “self-employed women are the majority of the newly self-employed. The increase in the number of women in the UK becoming self-employed is unprecedented. Women are innovating on a rapid scale and we are showing no signs of slowing down". You only have to turn up to any of the networking events in Ealing and you will encounter the many new ideas, products and concepts being birthed into the World by those that you meet. But the challenge remains the same, despite the scope for success and the potential we are seeing from women all around, we know that the amount of women in the world today who are starting and scaling businesses still remains much lower than men, and the challenges that hold us back seem to be a
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Gaia_SBSP Dance Tutorial Video

# GAIA_SBSPDanceVideoTutorial  HERE IT IS LADIEEESSS !!!!  watch the dance video tutorial created just for you lovely ladies by  Speaker Box Street Party  with Simonetta 'Deva' Rescina &  Simon Samaki Osagie  for you to practise for next week!  We will be doing it all together for fun at the end of The Gaia Network  Speed-Networking Session on the 23rd Jan 7pm in WeWork hammersmith. Get your ticket now !!!! And join the FUN !!! YES Business CAN be FUN!

Happy Holidays from us @TheGaiaNetwork

And just like that…’s the end of a decade. How has it been for you? Too often we reflect on what we haven’t achieved, but with a little reflection on your successes, what do you find? In fact, we would love if you could share with us at least 3 things you have celebrated since the decade began? This can be either professional or personal!  At The Gaia Network we kicked off our Women Mean Bus iness project with Lucy from We are Lucy in October. Lucy shared her top tips for building publicity for your brand.  Congratulations to all the members who have completed the challenges so far. We were very impressed with the following members who joined in the PR challenge, Claz, Laurie, Revathi, and Sangeeta, amazing work! A BIG thank you for the lovely Lucy of WeareLucy for guiding all of us through the  #GaiaPRchallenge  . This was followed by Jennifer Beaumont-Whyte top tips for ‘Decluttering your Life for Success in Business’ in November. As with all of

Christmas Message for Lessi

Gaia @Volunteering Festival in West London University

 The  Gaia Network Team  @Volunteering Festival in West London University The Gaia Network @ West London University Volunteering Festival: Date: 15th October 2019 11am-3pm University of West London (Weston Hall) W5 5RF  #volunteer #volunteering #commuityproject #thegaianetwork #womenmeanbusiness #festival Thank you so much for stopping  at The Gaia Network stand yesterday.  It was lovely to meet you   at the  Volunteering   Festival . As you   might  know ,   we have a few   volunteering   opportunities   currently  open Photo & Videography Accounting/bookkeeping Journalism / PR EVENTS ADMIN/COORDINATOR If you are interested in contributing  your time and skills as a  volunteer   please send us an email  to   detailing : Which  volunteering  position you are interested in  and w hy?  How  you feel you could contribute  your CV. Also,  If you are interested in joining some of our events - g